WGT Visas

Passport1Our highly qualified and dedicated team whose commitment to efficiency, accuracy and detail as a Visa specialist continues to win high praise from all our clients. A service we are pleased to provide, irrespective of whether the requirement is for an individual or a large group, everyone benefits.

Our dedication to outstanding professionalism, willingness to go that extra mile and extremely competitive rates, particularly for groups, has allowed us to establish ourselves as the first choice amongst our clients’. We pride ourselves above all for the unparalleled service that we provide on an individual level, ensuring that the specific requirements of each individual client are given the consideration and attention they deserve.

Our Visa specialists also maintain extremely good relations with the various Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates located in London, Birmingham and Manchester; in addition we use our own people to submit and collect the visas when they are ready. This is an advantageous option compared to using an outside courier service as it allows our staff to overcome any problems with the application, monitor the progress of our client's visa applications much more closely and to maintain a direct and personal relationship with Consular staff.

Benefits of WGT Visa Service

  • Reliable - be confident your passport and visa will be returned to you where and when agreed

  • Helpful – Please visit us, Phone: 07758 231179 or Email: visaenquiries at any time

  • Fast - We accept passports up to the last possible moment to submit them the same day

  • Frequency - We visit the major consulates as often as required

  • Flexible - We tailor our processes to suit you, not the other way round

  • Cost Effective - Our prices are very competitive, with large discounts for groups